Missal Cravings!

Nothing better than having missal pav and watching the rain pour from the balcony! A super easy Maharashtrian recipe which you leave you sitting there licking your fingers and craving for more! INGREDIENTS (Serves 4) FOR PRESSURE COOKING:2 cup matki, sprouts¼ tsp turmeric½ tsp salt1 cup waterFOR MASALA PASTE:2 tsp oil2 inch ginger1 onion, finely... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Get Aggressive?

So a couple of my readers suggested that I should write about my personal likes and dislikes, traits & natures, etc. Well, this is one of the blogs which is interesting to me on a personal level as I got to know many things about myself while writing it. Now I would not want to... Continue Reading →

My Journey From Fat to Fit!

Did you ever feel dejected for not being able to wear some dress you like, because it does not suit you? Called fat by friends and family? Told to loose weight to get married or look young? I understand how that must have felt. Let me tell you my story of such dejections and realizations... Continue Reading →

Understand Your Insecurities!

Firstly, I want to thank all of you who responded to me on Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp to my question ‘What are the major reasons people / you get insecure?”. The inputs really helped me to piece this article together. Most of you might be wondering why I chose this topic. Let me answer that!... Continue Reading →

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