My Journey From Fat to Fit!

Did you ever feel dejected for not being able to wear some dress you like, because it does not suit you? Called fat by friends and family? Told to loose weight to get married or look young? I understand how that must have felt. Let me tell you my story of such dejections and realizations to grow fitter & stronger.

So, it was around the time of my birthday this year, February 2nd, 2019. I went to shop at one of my regular outlets, Leesburg in Virginia. Choosing a dress that suits my body had never been this difficult. I was overweight and could did not fit into any XS or S sizes clothes. Yet, I ignored this incident and continued my lazy lifestyle. My lifestyle was mainly only to eat & sleep. No gym. No diet. Sedentary job. I did not realize then that this lifestyle was harming me in every way possible.

A week later, for the heck of it; I accompanied my room-mate to the gym and I could not walk on the treadmill for ten minutes. I just could not. I was tired and felt so lazy that I just wanted to go back home and eat something and watch Netflix and doze off. This was majorly an alarm to me. I actually felt deep inside my brain that I am ruining my body and it was not late that I will be a victim of obesity that couldn’t be resolved.

I somehow slept over this shock and it was weekend the next day. A lazy Saturday as usual. I feel, sometimes when you want to do something, seriously, the entire universe gets together to help you achieve that goal. Coincidentally, I was browsing my Instagram home-page and saw one of my friend’s post that showed his transformation from a fat unfit body to a more toned body. I do not know what exactly ticked me then. I immediately started a chat with him asking how did he transform himself like this? And that is when he introduced me to my trainer, Janki Rana. I thought I waste money in shopping and eating junk foods – why not try spending in training with her? So out of a trial intention, I spoke to her and appointed her as my nutritionist & workout trainer. This was the best decision of my life. She was one of the best decisions of my life.

I realized a lot of important things and cleared a lot of misconceptions I had and I would want to use this blog to explain the same to my readers.

Do You Think I Starved?

NO. I am not a person who can starve. I eat my breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner very regularly and on time. I am against starvation to an extent that I even hate Indian festivals where people fast to please god. Or women starve for long-life of husbands. You are not going to loose fat in a healthy way nor is anyone is going to live long if you starve! It is bullshit. Do not spoil your health by fasting or starving to become slim or whatever other reasons.

Starvation is an ineffective method to loose weight. Understand this: You loose weight when you loose calories in your body. But, burning calories by starving reduces muscle instead of reducing fat. This slows down your metabolism. A person is likely to feel more hungry and will end up overeating. So, starvation is never the solution. Remember, Health is Wealth!

What Did I Do: Gym or Diet?

Have you ever thought that “I eat healthy, so why should I workout? I workout, so why should I diet?”

If yes, then this section of discussion is for you. If you follow any one of the above approach, you may have weight gains and unhealthy food habits. Workouts & diet are both important for long-term weight loss and your health improvement. Only exercise will not help you lose weight if your nutrition is unhealthy. Similarly, Only healthy diet will not make you strong if you do not workout. Remember, the goal is be slim & strong.

I have reduced my weight and became stronger by maintaining a balance between my diet and my workouts.

What Did My Diet Chart Include?

Disclaimer: A diet that works for one person may or may not work for others. Every body has different levels of nutrition requirements. My advice would be to appoint a nutritionist to better understand your dietary requirements.

This is a typical example of how foolishly some celebrities give fitness tips. Do not follow such things.

Few things that I completely stopped consuming in past five months are: Sugar, Tea, Coffee. Also, I started having my dinner by 6:30-7:30 PM at most. An early dinner gives good rest to your stomach and helps digest the food and supply nutrients to the body.

My diet mostly comprises as below:

  • Breakfast: Any one item between Idli, Poha, Dosa, Sandwiches, Fruit Smoothies (Whey Mango Banana, Whey Banana Strawberry, Whey Blackberry Banana, etc.)
  • Lunch: Any one item between Sprouts Chilla, Roti & Sabzi, Rice & Dal. I consume salads (cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, etc.) daily for lunch.
  • Dinner: Any one item between Khichdi, Pulao, Rice items with Dal, Roti & Sabzi, etc. I consume salads (cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, etc.) daily for dinner.

Also, being honest, I love change and cannot follow a monotonous diet and my nutritionist understands this. She always advised me to eat anything I want but in moderate quantities and keep a track of calories that I consume. This really helped me to track my calorie consumption and keep my weight in check.

I know it is difficult to believe but I also consumed cheese, butter, pizza, burger, etc.. I reduced the quantity of food I consumed. Example: I started consuming one cup rice instead of two cups. I compensated with more lentils and salads instead. Also, I reduced the frequency of eating junk food like pizza, burger. I included more nutrition & protein in my diet than carbohydrates & fried food.

What Did My Workout Chart Include?

Disclaimer: Workout charts differ for every individual. You have different workouts for loosing weight and different for toning body muscles. My advice would be to appoint a trainer to better understand your workout requirements.

I was under the Fat Loss Training from February to May. During this time my workouts comprised of cardio, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, crunches, steps, planks, side-planks, jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, etc. My trainer helped me through this to have healthy drop in my weight.
Currently, I am under Muscle Toning Program for four months. During this time my workouts mostly comprise of weight lifting. This is for development of glutes, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, chest, etc.

Most Required: Dedication

You cannot achieve anything until you are extremely dedicated to achieve it.
Most of my blogs and posts on Instagram describe my level of dedication towards achieving fitness by waking early in the morning and going to the gym at 5 AM. I go to the gym almost daily and sincerely followed my diet charts and the results are visible. I reduced almost 6 kilograms in 5 months by dedicatedly following my diet & workouts plan.

Remember, it is not as difficult as it seems. You will feel tired and lazy in the initial days, but hang on. Do not stop the diets or workouts in between. Keep doing it until it becomes a habit.

Hope this blog inspires to start your diet & workouts ASAP.

Follow me on Instagram for more updates on my fitness regime. Cheers!

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